We opted from the outset for a marathon in a rural setting, unlike the major urban marathons in the following cities:


Ever since the initial steps, in 1999, all the organisers, the towns, cities and municipalities involved in this 42.195 km challenge have constantly been expressing their delight at their investment.

Over the years, we have noticed the marathon participants looking for races that are able to offer an extra and original dimension in terms of the circuit and activities

We added:

> 2001 10 km

> 2003   5 km

> 2004  half marathon

> 2008  2 mini joggings for children

> 2016  marathon relay for 2 people

The organising team would like to pay thanks to the journalists, the radio, television and sponsors for promoting the event.

The municipalities of Visé, Oupeye, Maastricht, Eijsden and Fourons (following the order of the race) are lending us their vital support.

During the 19 annual marathons we have been able to count on YOU, the regular marathon participant, or YOU, the occasional participant, who has been won over by this key event in the international calendar.

Your satisfaction is our best publicity.
We are proud to have heard you say:
"This is one of my best marathons"

Because of all these very good reasons we decided we were duty-bound to stage a 20th marathon.

Owing to our confidence in being able to make a success of the marathon in 2018 we have decided to offer you a MEUSE MAASMARATHON that is:


RURAL: the circuit

Quiet paths, rural villages, the centre of Maastricht,… Eijsden castle and other historical treasures along the river Meuse and across  through the lovely Belgian and Dutch landscapes

FABULOUS: the atmosphere

At time when a wider Europe is coming into being, a cross-border marathon at the heart of the  EUREGIO has all the qualities it needs to make it an event you cannot afford to miss.

The fabulous  atmosphere created is created by our groups, dancers and  our bandas  spur the athletes on at all levels to reach the finishing line as quickly as possible.

RAPID : timing

Over 8 % of the participants taking part in the  marathon crossed regulary the finishing line in under 3 hours

The signal for the start of the 20th Meuse Maasmarathon between Visé, Maastricht, Eijsden, Fourons and Visé, will be given on Sunday, 13 May 2018 at 9h05.

Why not emulate Phillipides, the Greek solider, who in 490 BC ran from Marathon to Athens to announce General Miltiade's victory over the invaders

Join us in this 42.195 km mythical race.

The very special moments experienced during this marathon make this race the most historical one of all the track and field events.

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