Art. 1. The Maasmarathon de la Meuse is organized by the non-profit-making body the Maasmarathon de la Meuse and enjoys the support of the Liège Province Sports service and the city of Visé.

Art. 2. The 21 kilometres is in keeping with the national regulations for road running (IAAF). Each Km is well indicated by means of a panel.

Art. 3. The competition is open to minimum 18 year old . The age categories shall be given a separate classification for the various competitions (Men :S, M35, M40, M50, M60, M70,WOMEN :S, W35,  W40, W50, W60, W70).
Inspections shall be made during the competition so as to guarantee race regulations are respected. Runners shall take part in the competition on the express understanding that they do so subject to their responsibility and their responsibility only.
The organisation shall not accept any responsibility for accidents or fainting owing to poor physical health.

Art. 4. Road safety is the responsibility of the Federal Police Force. Medical services will be provided by the TRANS AMBU, plus doctors. The organisation shall be covered by an insurance policy taken out for this purpose: civil responsability

Art. 5. Race numbers will be available on presentation of the letter of confirmation or of the proof payment on Saturday  from 2 pm to 6 pm and Sunday  since 7 h 00 am.

Art. 6. The Official Jury:
Shall include a referee judge whose decisions may not be challenged.
This judge shall be assisted by race judges and race officials. They are allowed to disqualify runners in case of non respect of the indications.

Art. 7. Refreshment stations shall be established at every 3 kilometres and at the finishing point. There are reserved for runners.
The sponging stations shall be located between the refreshment stations.
Runners who give up shall be picked up at the refreshment station and taken in a vehicle to the finishing point..

Art. 8. Any undertaking shall be regarded as firm and definitive and imply full acceptance of the regulations.

Art. 9. Bicycles shall not be allowed on the half-marathon track.
In case of non-respect of these orders, the runner can be disqualified.

Art. 10. A trail-sweep vehicle shall have a 3h00 time speed. Any competitor overtaken by the vehicle shall be obliged to travel in the vehicle because the roads shall be opened to normal traffic in the wake of the vehicle.

Art. 11. Competitors should wear their numbers on their chests or stomach so that the advertising can be seen

Art .12. Personal data may be used solely for drawing up list of results, for the IT service and press releases.
Competitors shall allow the Maasmarathon de la Meuse organisation to use their names, photographs and competition times for the requirements of the press, radio or television, as well as via e-mail.

Art .13. The race shall be timed by means of the  CHIP system.

Art. 14. Every competitor recognizes to have read these regulations and have totally accepted it.

Art .15. In the event of force majeure, natural disaster or all others circumstances which can endanger the runner’s life, the organisation reserve the right to cancel the marathon without any repayment.

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